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"I hired Brian after investigating the investigators. I looked at reviews and blogs and found a lot of negative reviews and comments associated with the others. I liked that Brian was on Angie's list and couldn't find anyone who was unhappy with his service so I went ahead and hired him for a difficult case. I needed to find my husband to serve him with divorce papers within 6 days since a court hearing was scheduled and he had to be served 14 days in advance. My husband was off the grid so to speak, living on someone's boat at a marina in Seattle. He was as underground as they come. Brian was able to locate him within 2 days. I was shocked at how fast he was able to find him, but not as shocked as my husband I'm sure. Brian had called and let me know the progress on the case every day. In my opinion, Brian is a human bloodhound and I am thrilled with his service!"
— Kathleen H., Kirkland, WA

"I hired Brian Blackwell to locate a missing family member and was promptly informed that he would have results in 72 hours, but instead, it was only 24 hours. Excellent service."
— Gloria M., University Place, WA

From Award Winning Author Elizabeth Roadifer…"In a difficult situation, Brian Blackwell was able to track down my brother after months of searching and observations."
— Elizabeth Roadifer

"I hired Mr. Blackwell to do a background investigation. He worked hard on my case, never gave up and always kept me up-to-date. If you need a private investigator, Brian Blackwell is the one to call."
— Rafael S., Tucson, AZ

"Thank you for the professional, attentive, and pragmatic way in which you handled my case. Your persistence, ability to overcome obstacles, awareness of privacy issues, and knowledge of the law results in successful work."
— Dianne H., Seattle, WA

"We hired Brian to locate a family member no one had been in touch with for many years and could not locate. It was very simple to ‘get the ball rolling.’ I paid at his website via PayPal, provided what info we had. Brian emailed with follow up questions or confirmations as they came up. He located him and provide us with an address and phone number. Very professional service!"
— Loree J., Seattle, WA

"Our son had run away from home. After days of searching, the police were unable to find him. My wife and I hired Mr. Blackwell in the hopes of finding our son, which he did. We are so grateful for Brian Blackwell and his team and their can do attitude, which resulted in bringing our son home."
— Bill E., Tacoma, WA

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

About Brian Blackwell - Brian Blackwell Investigations Seattle Washington

My Process in Becoming a Private Investigator

After being the victim of an attempted murder in June of 1993, I decided to devote my life to a career in investigation and protective services. I studied and apprenticed, taking courses in criminal and civil law, criminal investigations, legal procedures, evidence analysis and preservation, interviewing techniques, criminal justice, firearms training, security and defensive tactics.

After being (honorably) discharged from the United States Army in November of 1991, I worked in the mortgage business. Then the following occurred:

I had driven my car into the parking lot of the office building where the mortgage company was located in Tacoma on a Wednesday at about 9 p.m., and parked. I got out of my car and began walking toward the door of the office building when I heard several footsteps coming toward me from behind. I turned around and saw four young males that appeared to be in their mid-teens approaching me; one leading the way and holding a gun in his right hand. I knew I did not have time to get back in my car to escape or escape on foot without being shot. It was clear the only chance I had of surviving was to confront the situation and hope for the best. I took a defensive stance by standing with one leg forward so as to not be knocked down easily, and quickly calculated my options.

I remember thinking: the best chance I have of surviving is to disarm the gun and wrestle it out of his hand — if he can’t fire the gun, he can’t kill me. Even though there were four of them, I concentrated on the one with the gun.

The one holding the gun stood in front of me demanding money and it was clear from the look in his eyes that he had no intention of letting me live. As a diversion, I gave the impression that I was reaching into my front left pants pocket to retrieve money, which fortunately made him slightly lower the gun and move it to his left away from my body and gave me the opportunity to control the situation and get the gun away from him. I pushed it further away from my body using my right hand and began ramming my left index and middle fingers behind the trigger to jam it and prevent the gun from being able to be fired as I attempted to wrestle the weapon out of his hand.

As a side note, he was able to fire a round before I could get my fingers behind the trigger to jam the gun, but the bullet did not hit me. (Out of the corner of my right eye, I saw the brass cartridge laying on the ground from the bullet bouncing off the pavement.)

I continued ramming my fingers behind the trigger. He tried to fire the gun again several times as I was pushing my fingers behind the trigger and wrestling for control over the weapon. Fortunately, the other three did nothing but watch. He eventually gave up and released his grip on the gun’s handle and they all ran off down the street.

I pulled my sore, bloody fingers out from behind the trigger — I had cut one finger on a burr that was on the backside of the trigger. I cleared and secured the gun, and called 911; sheriff’s deputies responded. I turned over the gun to the deputies and told them what had happened. I could tell by the look on their faces they were amazed by my actions. One deputy said, “You’re lucky to be alive.” I responded, “Anyone who tries to kill me is going to have to earn it.”

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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Infidelity and Cheating Spouse Investigations

You "just want to know" what is going on behind your back.
Few events in life are more painful or complex than the issues surrounding a troubled relationship.
• Affairs
• Unconfirmed Suspicions
• Conflict, Lying
• Deception
• Midlife Transition
If you are experiencing uncertainty, doubt or a sense of betrayal, contact us to privately
discuss your particular situation. Understanding the problem is the first step toward
solving it. We can help you toward a solution as you gain factual information vital to
making the correct decisions.
• Photographs, Video
• Identity
• Background Investigation
• Child Protection

Ten Signs Your Partner Is Cheating On You

1. Changing attitude toward your relationship: more argumentative, critical, distant, less affectionate, increased need for “space.”

2. Unexplained absences: frequently staying late at work, spending more time "with friends," pursuing a new hobby during evenings and weekends,
frequently running lengthy errands.

3. Increase in personal expenses: spends more money, credit card spending increases.

4. Changing phone use patterns: spends more time on the phone, anxious to be the first to answer the phone, mysterious incoming calls — hang ups
or "wrong numbers," suddenly needs a new cell phone.

5. Greater attention to personal appearance: begins a crash diet or exercise program, gets a trendy new wardrobe, new fragrance or hair style.

6. Added interest in the mail: wants to be the one who gets the mail — wants to limit your access to phone bills, bank and credit card statements,
and personal letters they get.

7. Articles of unknown origin: slips of paper with names and phone numbers; dates, times, locations stashed in their pockets; matchbooks from
unknown bars and restaurants.

8. Changing sex drive: decreased interest in sex — more aggressive and/or hostile during sex and less tender/romantic; newfound knowledge regarding unexplored techniques or positions.

9. Mysterious bite marks, bruises, scratches: can't explain how "that got there.”

10. Unexplained odor or stain: comes home smelling of cologne / perfume that is clearly not theirs; lipstick on his shirt collar.


Thursday, June 9, 2016

Confidential and affordable private investigation services in Seattle, Washington. Call 1-855-445-1742 for an unbiased consultation and visit our website for a list of our services and background.
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Monday, June 6, 2016

Skip Tracing and Finding Missing Persons

Methods to Finding Missing Persons

Whether skip tracing or serving legal documents, private investigators cannot rely on just the Internet to locate their target

Nowadays, a people search often begins on a computer. But even though private investigators have access to professional databases the general public does not, we have to hit the streets from time to time to locate missing persons, interview witnesses, serve subpoenas, and find information that exists in the streets, not online.

I have built a reputation for locating hard to find individuals to the point where the majority of my business is now mostly skip tracing and process serving work. My success comes from dogged determination. I set goals and decide I am not going to give up until I find the person. To me, there is nothing like the excitement that comes from accomplishing something difficult. There are no words that explain the exhilaration one feels after you see someone you have just spent several days searching for.

Skip Tracing Requires Determination and Confidence — No Room For Cowards

After gathering data on the "target" online, I check their most recent address in person. If they are not there, sometimes there is someone else there I can talk to. I find that talking to people provides me with the best information. An ex-girlfriend / boyfriend or roommate; family; and neighbors can be great resources.

Never overlook a landlord. Searching for a murder suspect, I once spent an entire day 
checking on different addresses, talking with his family and friends, but it was talking to a landlord at the first address that paid off. The first address had been at an apartment complex. I stopped in at the leasing office and talked with one of the property managers. She had no information on him, but asked for my phone number in case she saw him. The next day, she called me. She found out the suspect had a brother who worked at a nearby warehouse, and that the suspect drove a black pickup truck and would pick up his brother after work every evening. A lot of landlords won't give up information on a tenant for privacy reasons, but many will, especially if they don’t like their tenant very much.

If the first home does not provide any results, I go on to the next, and the next if necessary. What I have found out about checking addresses is that a family member is living at one of the addresses. Another thing is that people often give out a false address that is near their real address. Usually it is the same street, but with a different house number. If no one at the house knows your target, then knock on the neighbors’ doors. If you have a street number of 116, then check out 161.

Another technique I sometimes use is calling the target, telling him or her what was going on, and explain that it wasn’t going away. I then ask if we could meet on their schedule. Many times, people are happy they have some control over the situation, and they set a day and time to meet.

In Conclusion

While it is often true that most people feel more inclined to talk with a police officer than a private investigator, there are a few things a private investigator can do to set themselves up for a successful conversation such as never being confrontational, being polite and respectful, and dressing professionally.

And as a final thought: You can also use some elicitation interview techniques. I will sometimes talk as if I know the target, and say something like, “Did he ever get that job at the ABC Company?” The person you are talking to might respond with, "No, he is still working at Mike's Auto Shop." You never know until you try.

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