Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Know Your Subject & Be Prepared For Challenges

A proper surveillance operation not only requires that you use other operatives to help prevent you from being detected, but also requires that you study your Subject before beginning the surveillance. Knowing your Subject before the operation can help you to stay one step ahead of them. Making your operation go much smoother.

You should be prepared for whatever the person you are following throws your way. When he or she changes appearance, it usually means they suspect they are being followed, which means you have to change your tactics or risk being discovered. You have to be just as cunning as them.

Watching your Subject from a distance isn't always enough. You sometimes have to follow them into a place of business and sometimes end up coming face-to-face with them. When this happens, you then have one of two options: you can go about your way, or use the situation to your advantage. Having a well rehearsed ruse can help you to gain useful information from the target.

As a private investigator, you have to be prepared for whatever challenges come your way.

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