Sunday, November 9, 2014

Infidelity & Cheating Spouse Investigations

Many private investigators don't set out intending to perform infidelity investigations, but often it inevitably happens. All private investigators at one time or another receive calls to perform infidelity investigations. Even if private investigators don't offer infidelity and cheating spouse investigations, they receive calls to perform such work. It just happens. Some private investigators decline to do such work, but most say yes. Since there are periods of time when a private investigator doesn't have at least one client, it can be foolish to turn down the money.

Those seeking divorce will often hire a private investigator to perform surveillance on their spouse not just if they suspect he or she may be cheating, but also when they suspect he or she may be leading a double life. People leading a double life occurs more often than you may think.

Even though adultery isn't a reason needed to file for divorce anymore in most states because of 'no fault' divorce laws, the spouse of a suspected cheater will often still hire a private investigator to investigate whether or not their spouse is cheating. They want to know if their suspicions are true.

Few events in life are more painful or complex than the issues surrounding a troubled relationship

• Affairs
• Unconfirmed Suspicions
• Conflict, Lying
• Deception
• Midlife Transition

If you are experiencing uncertainty, doubt or a sense of betrayal, contact us to privately discuss your particular situation. Understanding the problem is the first step toward solving it. We can help you toward a solution as you gain factual information vital to making the correct decisions.

There are other reasons to hire a private investigator to perform surveillance that are closely related to infidelity and cheating spouse investigations such as abuse cases and child custody cases. Family law cases often require an investigator to perform surveillance involving suspected child abuse or neglect and abuse of the elderly. Sadly, sometimes our loved ones become victims of abuse.

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