Sunday, February 28, 2016

Seattle Skip Tracing and Surveillance

Effective Skip Tracing and Surveillance Services

Count on the team at Brian Blackwell Investigations in Seattle, Washington, to provide you with unparalleled skip tracing and surveillance services. Whether you want to track someone down or know if he or she is committing fraud, we are here for you.

Surveillance Services

When your intuition tells you that something is wrong, you are usually correct. Maybe you suspect your spouse is cheating on you or an employee is committing worker’s compensation fraud. We provide you with the answers necessary to make sound decisions. We offer assistance with:

• Claims Investigations
• Suspected Workers' Compensation Fraud
• Cheating Spouse
• Suspected Double Life
• Theft Investigations
• Loss Prevention
• Property Surveillance

Skip Tracing Investigations

When you can’t find someone, our team is here to help. We track down:

• Missing Friends & Family Members
• Missing Persons in Criminal Investigations
• Defendants
• Witnesses
• Deadbeat Parents
• Heirs
• Ex-Renters

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