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Brian Blackwell Seattle Investigations And Skip Tracing

Thorough, comprehensive investigations related to fraud and criminal cases, litigation, insurance claims, and locating people.

Whether you need to track someone down or know if he or she is committing fraud, you can count on the team at Brian Blackwell to provide unparalleled private investigation services.

At Brian Blackwell, we are professional private investigators with the experience and background you expect and deserve. When you make that first call, you want to speak to a competent investigator. One that is professional, understanding, confidential, and trustworthy. You want to discuss your situation with an investigator who will answer your questions and concerns with sound advice, and evaluate the information to determine what kind of investigation will be the most productive for you.

I am D. Brian Blackwell, Chief Investigator. I have over 20 years experience as a private investigator, along with experience and background in insurance claim investigations, law enforcement and security, mechanical work and commercial transportation. Bringing you the competency and knowledge necessary for fraud and criminal investigations, suspected fraudulent injury investigations, expert testimony, skip tracing, security and protection, and more. I have helped people around the world and I can help you. I hold degrees in Criminal Justice Administration, Accounting, and an honorary Doctor Of Divinity. I am a former sergeant with the U.S. Army and former U.S. Navy Reserve petty officer, and Persian Gulf War veteran.

We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

I will handle your investigation in a timely manner, professionally, and discreetly. Call or Text 206-702-7304. When you need to know, we want to help. 


Skilled licensed private investigator with experience managing heavy caseloads of diverse investigations while maintaining high standards of thoroughness, timeliness, and budgetawareness. Discreet, client―focused investigations complemented with creative problemsolving skills, along with organized and accurate reporting.

A+ Better Business Bureau rating
96% successful case-closed rate


Experienced and knowledgable licensed private investigator at locating witnesses, relative or friend gone missing, people in civil litigation and child support proceedings, adoption―related locates, heirs, missing persons in criminal investigations and fraud investigations, runaways, fugitives; and at solving some of the most challenging cases for clients throughout the United States and internationally.

Locating people can sometimes be as simple as using a private investigator database and locating a current address to being extremely difficult when it seems as though the person has vanished into thin air. Regardless of the challenge, the team at Brian Blackwell is prepared to help. We search and keep searching.

Clients include attorneys and law firms, major insurance companies, corporations and small businesses, chiefs of police, journalists, school districts, and general-public.


  Background Investigations 
―  Skip Tracing and People Searches
―  Criminal Investigations
―  Forensic Statement Analysis
―  Corporate Consulting
―  Solving complex personal issues involving third parties

You need an investigator who can covertly and expertly dig into a person's social media background and online presence to discover the "real" them. You need an experienced, professional investigator to uncover the truths.

As an attorney, you need diligent searches performed to locate individuals in criminal and civil litigation, adoption―related cases, child support proceedings, heirs; or locate witnesses and obtain a statement.

As a business owner or individual, you need someone who can identify the author of an anonymous threatening letter.

Insurance companies hire us to perform surveillance operations to uncover evidence of fraud involving the filing of suspicious insurance claims.

Confidential private investigation services you can rely on, superior client relations, competitive rates, outstanding work product, and guarantee our focus will be to obtain the results necessary for you to win your case.

We charge an hourly rate, a flat rate, or a combination of the two, determined on a case-by-case basis as each case is unique and needs to be individually assessed for the fairest price and most efficient way to proceed. A retainer fee is collected before investigations begin, which acts as cash flow for the investigator. We provide an itemized list of expenses acquired during the investigation.

Trusted Professionals 

Risk Management & Consulting
Private Investigation Services

1000 N. West Street, Suite 1200
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  • University Of Pittsburgh School Of Social Work
  • Degrees in Criminal Justice and Accounting
  • State licensed private investigator 
  • International client base 
  • A+ Better Business Bureau rating
  • Former sergeant with the U.S. Army and former U.S. Navy Reserve petty officer, and Persian Gulf War veteran

Brian Blackwell is a frequent Guest Speaker at organizations for seniors concerning schemes and frauds that target the elderly.




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Licensed Private Investigator 
Corporate Security Consultant
Forensic Statement Analysis  
Technical Writer, Editor

Thorough private investigation services available to attorneys, businesses, insurance companies, government entities and individuals.

1000 N. West Street, Suite 1200
Wilmington, Delaware 19801

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