Wednesday, February 5, 2020

PRICING | Brian Blackwell Investigations Seattle WA

At Brian Blackwell, we provide you with a legitimate, verifiable, and accurate investigation. We do that the old fashion way by working hard to achieve factual results.

We take advantage of all technology available to us when locating people and missing persons, during surveillance and anti-surveillance (debugging) operations, etc.

However, hacking emails, phones, websites, social media, etc., are made for TV drama and are services we do not provide and are not available at any ethical private investigation services business.

The following pricing guide is the average cost for each type of investigation, to help you make a decision regarding your investigative needs. Estimates are not exact unless noted as a FLAT RATE.

If the service you require is not listed, contact us. We offer a full range of investigation services.

Locates and verify address – $500.00
Missing Person – Minimum deposit $2,000.00
Comprehensive Background Investigation
Includes criminal and civil records – marriages, divorces, criminal records, licenses, assets, property ownership, and employment. $895.00
Custody and Child Support – $1,500.00 
Insurance Investigation – workers compensation, accident investigation, general liability, fraud – $500.00 retainer and $65.00 hourly. 
Counter Surveillance – search for video/audio devices in home or place of business. Starts at a minimum $1,000.00 and depending on size of area to be searched.
Criminal Defense – $800 retainer and 65.00 per hour, plus mileage.
Business Investigations involving theft, fraud, sexual harassment and more – $800 retainer and $65.00 hourly.
Forensic Statement Analysis, Witness Interviews/Interrogations – $1,000.00

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