Friday, July 10, 2020

Surveillance As Part Of An Investigation

A proper surveillance operation not only requires that you sometimes use other operatives to help prevent you from being detected, but also requires that you study your Subject before beginning the surveillance. Knowing your Subject before the operation can help you to stay one step ahead of them, making your operation go much smoother.

You should be prepared for whatever the person you are following throws your way. When he or she changes appearance, it usually means they suspect they are being followed, which means you have to change your tactics or risk being discovered. You have to be just as cunning as them.

Watching your Subject from a distance isn't always enough. You sometimes have to follow them into a place of business and sometimes end up coming face-to-face with them. When this happens, you then have one of two options: you can go about your way, or use the situation to your advantage. Having a well rehearsed ruse can help you to gain useful information from the Subject.

As a private investigator, you have to be prepared for whatever challenges come your way.

In addition, obtaining quality video and photographs are critical to conducting any proper, professional surveillance operation. Most surveillances require at least a two-person operation to obtain quality, necessary evidence that will stand up in court.

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Friday, March 6, 2020

Social Media | Open Source Investigation

What Is A Social Media Investigation?

A social media investigation looks into the social media posts, status updates, photos, and conversations of an individual. You might require a social media investigation for a court case, custody battle, or as part of a background investigation. This can be used as evidence in court cases to support alibis and provide supplementary evidence, for risk assessment, and for active monitoring.

Why Do I Need A Social Media Investigation?

Social media investigations are commonly used during court cases to provide information relevant to a case, to supplement evidence, establish character, support or disqualify an alibi. Social media is being used more and more in custody cases, divorces, and even criminal trials. You also might need a social media investigation as part of a background check or risk assessment.

What Happens During A Social Media Investigation?

In a social media investigation, a private investigator will search for key terms and posts relevant to the goals of the investigation. In most cases, they will use high powered software to search, monitor activity, and set up alerts for new posts and account creations.
The private investigator will walk you through the process, make sure they understand your goals, and move forward in the best way for your case.

What Are You Searching For?

What you're searching for will depend on the investigation.
For the average court case, social media can be searched to establish foundation of character, verify or disqualify an alibi, and find supporting evidence. This includes looking at the location tags for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts, verifying that the posts were original, and identifying what other individuals associated with the case are involved. For some investigations, like for crimes against minors, alerts and searches can be set up for specific search terms, and it can be discovered what type and age of individuals the person is interacting with.
For a domestic investigation, you might search for photos of your partner that support your suspicions of infidelity, or check the location data on posts on Twitter to verify he or she is where they say they are. Internet messaging, Facebook messages, and Twitter direct messages can also indicate whether or not the individual is staying faithful.
custody case can involve looking at photos posted across platforms to identify who the individual is associating with. Twitter posts could indicate whether the individual is suited and trustworthy for retaining custody, and a Tumblr investigation can reveal the individual's priorities, thoughts, and intentions.
Any case involving possible drug use can mean searching for photographs and posts across platforms that would indicate potential drug use, as well as a search for Tumblr posts of images or comments, reblogs, that support drug use. This type of investigation includes searching and setting up alerts for specific terms relating to drug use. In some cases, a sting can be set up to see if, through internet messaging services, the individual is dealing or affiliated with a dealer.

Why Should I Hire a Private Investigator For A Social Media Investigation?

While anyone can conduct a social media investigation, private investigators have access to high-powered software that makes for a quicker, more efficient search. Professional investigators also have a strong understanding of ethics and know what data must be pulled for evidence to be admissible in court. This means they are well-versed in metadata, MD5 hash value, what is required for provability, and the rules that dictate what level of searching, friending, and following is allowed, depending on the case. Additionally, if you conduct a social media investigation on your own you could see your evidence, or even your case thrown out of court.

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Thursday, February 20, 2020

Skip Tracing And People Searches


Experienced and knowledgable licensed private investigator at locating:

Relative or friend gone missing 
Childhood friend 
Former employees 
Victims or witnesses 
Relative qualified for inheritance
Client locates
Locating fugitives
Missing persons 
Military buddy

As a private investigator, I have investigated a variety of cases but developed a niche in the world of skip tracing and missing person investigations. There isn’t much that is more fulfilling than reconnecting family members, or locating a person sought in a fraud or criminal investigation. I live to put the pieces together, to find answers.

Locating people can sometimes be as simple as using a private investigator database and locating a current address to being extremely difficult when it seems as though the person has vanished into thin air. Regardless of the challenge, the team at Brian Blackwell is prepared to help. We search and keep searching.

Whether you need to track someone down or know if he or she is committing fraud, you can count on the team at Brian Blackwell to provide unparalleled, confidential private investigation services.

Your investigation will be handled in a timely manner, professionally, and discreetly.

Confidential investigation services you can rely on, superior client relations, competitive rates, outstanding work product, and guarantee our focus will be to obtain the results necessary for you to win your case. We guarantee your satisfaction. 

Send information and Click and Pay. Send information to info @ 
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Trusted Professionals

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Thursday, February 6, 2020

PRICING | Brian Blackwell Investigations

At Brian Blackwell, we provide you with a legitimate, verifiable, and accurate investigation. We do that the old fashion way by working hard to achieve factual results.

We take advantage of all technology available to us when locating people and missing persons, during surveillance and anti-surveillance (debugging) operations, etc.

However, hacking emails, phones, websites, social media, etc., are made for TV drama and are services we do not provide and are not available at any ethical private investigation services business.

The following pricing guide is the average cost for each type of investigation, to help you make a decision regarding your investigative needs. Estimates are not exact unless noted as a FLAT RATE.

If the service you require is not listed, contact us. We offer a full range of investigation services.

Locates and verify address ― $500.00
Missing Person  Minimum deposit $2,000.00
Comprehensive Background Investigation
Criminal records and civil records―marriages, divorces, licenses, assets, property ownership, education verification, and employment. Includes surveillance. $895.00
Custody and Child Support ― $1,500.00 
Insurance Investigation ― worker's compensation, accident investigation, general liability, fraud ― $700.00 retainer and $65.00 hourly. Recovery of Stolen Items: finder's fee of 10% of total value of recovered stolen item.
Counter Surveillance  search for video/audio devices in home or place of business. Starts at a minimum $1,000.00 and depending on size of area to be searched.
Criminal Defense ― $800 retainer and 65.00 per hour, plus mileage.
Business Investigations involving theft, fraud, sexual harassment and more  $800 retainer and $65.00 hourly.
Forensic Statement Analysis, Witness Interviews/Interrogations ― $1,000.00

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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Testimonials | Brian Blackwell Investigations

...."Brian Blackwell is a human bloodhound and I am thrilled with his service."

"I hired Brian after investigating the investigators. I looked at reviews and blogs and found a lot of negative reviews and comments associated with the others. I liked that Brian was on Angie's list and couldn't find anyone who was unhappy with his service so I went ahead and hired him for a difficult case. I needed to find my husband to serve him with divorce papers within 6 days since a court hearing was scheduled and he had to be served 14 days in advance. My husband was off the grid so to speak, living on someone's boat at a marina in Seattle. He was as underground as they come. Brian was able to locate him within 2 days. I was shocked at how fast he was able to find him, but not as shocked as my husband I'm sure. Brian had called and let me know the progress on the case every day. In my opinion, Brian Blackwell is a human bloodhound and I am thrilled with his service!"
— Kathleen H., Kirkland, WA

"I hired Brian Blackwell to locate a missing family member and was promptly informed that he would have results in 72 hours, but instead, it was only 24 hours. Excellent service."
— Gloria M., University Place, WA

From Award Winning Author Elizabeth Roadifer…"In a difficult situation, Brian Blackwell was able to track down my brother after months of searching and observations."
— Elizabeth Roadifer

"Thank you for the professional, attentive, and pragmatic way in which you handled my case. Your persistence, ability to overcome obstacles, awareness of privacy issues, and knowledge of the law results in successful work."
— Dianne H., Seattle, WA

"We hired Brian to locate a family member no one had been in touch with for many years and could not locate. It was very simple to ‘get the ball rolling.’ I paid at his website via PayPal, provided what info we had. Brian emailed with follow up questions or confirmations as they came up. He located him and provide us with an address and phone number. Very professional service!"
— Loree J., Seattle, WA

"Our son had run away from home. After days of searching, the police were unable to find him. My wife and I hired Mr. Blackwell in the hopes of finding our son, which he did. We are so grateful for Brian Blackwell and his team and their can do attitude, which resulted in bringing our son home."
— Bill E., Tacoma, WA

Whether you need to track someone down or know if he or she is committing fraud, you can count on the team at Brian Blackwell to provide unparalleled, confidential investigation services.

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