Monday, July 20, 2015

Testimonials - Brian Blackwell Investigations

"I hired Brian after investigating the Investigators :).  I looked at reviews and blogs and found a lot of negative reviews and comments associated with the others. I liked that Brian was on Angie's list and couldn't find anyone who was unhappy with his service so I went ahead and hired him for a difficult case. I needed to find my husband to serve him with divorce papers within 6 days since a court hearing was scheduled and he had to be served 14 days in advance. My husband was off the grid so to speak living on someone's boat at a Marina. He was as underground as they come. Brian was able to locate him within 2 days. I was shocked at how fast he was able to find him ( not as shocked as my husband I'm sure :). )  Brian had called and let me know the progress on the case every day. In my opinion, Brian is a human bloodhound and I am thrilled with his service!"
— Kathleen H., Kirkland, WA

"I hired Brian Blackwell to locate a missing family member and was promptly informed that he would have results in 72 hours, but instead, it was only 24 hours. Excellent service." — Gloria M., University Place, WA

"Thank you for the professional, attentive, and pragmatic way in which you handled my case. Your persistence, ability to overcome obstacles, awareness of privacy issues, and knowledge of the law results in successful work."  — Dianne H., Seattle, WA

"We hired Brian to locate a family member no one had been in touch with for many years and could not locate. It was very simple to "get the ball rolling."  I paid at his website via PayPal, provided what info we had (birth date, ss#.) Brian emailed with follow up questions or confirmations as they came up. He located him and provide us with an address and phone number. Very professional service!" — Loree J., Seattle, WA

"I hired Brian Blackwell Investigations to locate my fiancée's missing divorce decree. Over the period of a week and a half, Brian Blackwell determined the scope of required records search and conducted a three-state record search for missing records and when that came up negative, he continued searching and was able to demonstrate that the individual in question had re-married without dissolving his previous marriage to a foreign citizen. Brian obtained exactly the information my fiancée and I needed. Brian communicated regularly with us and responded to additional questions and information provided."
— Darrel T., U.S. Navy Philippines / Poulsbo, WA

"I hired Mr. Blackwell to do a background investigation. He worked hard on my case, never gave up and always kept me up-to-date. If you need a private investigator, Brian Blackwell is the one to call." — Rafael S., Tucson, AZ

"Our son had run away from home. After days of searching, the police were unable to find him. My wife and I hired Mr. Blackwell in the hopes of finding our son, which he did. We are so grateful for Brian Blackwell and his team and their can do attitude, which resulted in bringing our son home."
— Bill E., Lakewood, WA

"Brian is the consummate business professional and private investigator. He takes great ownership of all that he does and is very detail oriented and persistent. Brian also keeps current on all new techniques and technologies. I highly recommend Brian and his company."
— Mary S., Manassas, VA

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