Saturday, January 14, 2017

The new century has brought new challenges for small businesses and corporations that haven't been seen before  international espionage, hacking; sophisticated spying at an alarming rate. The team at Brian Blackwell Investigations is prepared to help. From loss prevention, property surveillance and security consulting to cyber-security, privacy and crises management.

Brian Blackwell Investigations works with small businesses, corporations and government agencies to combat against cyber-security threats, intellectual and property thefts. Problems addressed and solutions developed to resolve: hacking, intrusions, disruptions, manipulations, theft of data and identities, and securing information technology infrastructure. Many U.S. companies have fallen victim to such threats virtually unknown just a few years ago. Throughout 2016, multiple high-profile ransomware attacks targeted hospitals and other institutions, which often paid ransoms of tens of thousands of dollars each instead of pursuing even more costly data recovery methods. The explosive growth in devices that make up the Internet of Things (IoT) has also contributed to threats, including a distributed denial of service attack using infected baby cameras and other IoT devices in 2016 that took large portions of the U.S. Internet infrastructure offline. Lax security practices make businesses and corporations of all sizes vulnerable. Cyber attacks are a key roadblock to technological advances that can have a positive societal impact.