Thursday, December 28, 2017

About Seattle Private Investigator Brian Blackwell

Brian Blackwell Investigations is a licensed private investigation agency located in the Seattle area of Washington state, serving professional and qualified private clients throughout the State of Washington, nationwide as well as internationally.

We have provided an extensive range of professional investigations and related services to a wide array of clients, including attorneys, corporations, small businesses, major insurance companies, government agencies, other private investigators, journalists, and law enforcement.

Brian Blackwell Investigations is owned and operated by D. Brian Blackwell, a State of Washington licensed Private Investigator, who holds degrees in Criminal Justice Administration, Accounting, and Doctor of Divinity, with over two decades of investigative experience. Investigator Brian Blackwell has made it his business to be one of the leading investigators in the United States and is known extensively throughout the investigative community for his ability to locate hard to obtain information.

Investigator Brian Blackwell is also an experienced and sought-after corporate security consultant and speaker on matters of investigative techniques and procedures.